Farewell soCAL

These are the last days here in Southern California for one of our best friends Tina! Back to Berkley she goes and we had to send her off with love because this time she'll be studying abroad in Beijing for 6 months. First stop was ice cream once again because the California sunshine just never stops. We later went to eat an early dinner at Oh, Crab. two pounds of shrimp and fries, yum. Never have we felt like such savages while eating shrimp, just having to break the head, pull the legs and peel the skin was a mission itself. Just know that there were bibs and wet wipes involved. After stuffing our faces we went kareoking and ate once again. It was a very long night, we wanted to spend every last minute we had with the girl. Looks like we'll be taking a Berkley & Beijing visit soon!

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